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Video marketing is taking center stage when it comes to lead generation, according to a Software Advice benchmark report.

Video marketing can be the most effective way of improving lead generation. Companies have already identified the importance of video marketing to influence purchase decisions and have made it an essential part of our content marketing services. So if you are looking to attract high quality leads to improve your conversion rates, use video to its full potential in order to connect to your target audience.

Even though you’re using video assets, my bet is that you’re not using them to their full potential.

You might be releasing top-of-funnel content to boost brand awareness, but you’re probably looking for increasingly measurable ways to tie your videos to ROI.

Fortunately, you can use videos to solicit more information from potential customers when they are most engaged because videos make for great lead generation tools once they’re optimized.

Here are some tips on how to turn your videos into lead generation machines:

Number 1, Give an introduction. Say who you are and let them know by introducing yourself. You are building a quick rapport with an introduction and saying who you are.

Number 2, You ask a question. Are you struggling with generating leads for your business? That’s a simple question you can ask. When people come to your videos, and they are struggling with something or looking for something, with that question you are going to answer it.

Number 3, Sharing your content. You have learned something or it is something you didn’t know or Content is what you are sharing in the third step. Your notes could be your content, a webinar, an event you attended, a training, or a course you invested in. Share that content you are going to give them, give them what you promised.

Number 4, Call to action. Tons of videos out there that are being created, but they don’t have a call of action. If you’re not familiar with what a call of action is, it’s just giving that person a direction after they watched your video. If you are creating videos out there, and not telling the person watching what to do, they WILL to go to the next video, so give a call to action.

Define Your Audience and Understand What Kind of Videos Work for You

In order to create effective videos you need to define your target audience first. Understand what they need and what their demands are. By defining your audience, you will also get an idea about the type of videos that will work best for you, in terms of engaging and attracting visitors. Another advantage of defining your audience is that you can create specific and highly targeted videos with simple yet impactful messages in the most cost-effective way.

Whitepapers and webinars can be very effective in generating quality leads, but oftentimes the visitors might get overwhelmed, so in order to grab visitor attention, you can create a video that offers educational content in the most entertaining way.

Types of Videos that Work Best

So, now you know how to utilize videos to generate high quality leads and ensure better conversion rates. But you still might have one question in mind: What kind of videos are the most effective to boost lead generation? Find the answer to your question below.

Here are the five types of videos that can aid lead generation:

1. The Explainer Video

These are simple and straightforward videos that offer the visitors with enough information about products or services. Though explainer videos are considered to be top-of-the-funnel marketing videos; if the videos are engaging enough, you can successfully drive your audience further down the funnel.

2. The Educational Video

In order to improve awareness, branding and viewership, you need to offer value to your audience and this is exactly what the educational videos do. Educational videos can be specifically very effective if you can address specific problems that your audience face.

3. Testimonials

Testimonial videos are specifically very effective since they address how your brand is helping people solve their problems. This helps you position yourself as a reliable solution provider and win viewer trust.

4. Case Study Videos

These videos act similar to testimonial videos since they dig deeper into the specifics of a particular case. Case study videos work best for visitors who are closer to the bottom of the sales funnel and help in converting them to customers. Case study videos validate your success stories and thus help you win visitors’ trust.

5. Promotional Videos

Promotional videos help in increasing awareness, engagement and conversions, but you must make sure they are informative as well as entertaining. Promotional videos give you the opportunity to deliver your messages in a creative way to a targeted market.

So depending on your goals, you must choose the kind of video that would work best for you.

In Conclusion

By integrating video marketing into your marketing efforts, you can improve the lead generation and sales for your business. Videos not only help to attract visitor attention, but it also helps in building trust and awareness about a brand. So if you want to attract high quality leads, you must not overlook the potential of video marketing.

Video Marketing

Have you been using videos for your business? How have they helped you? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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