10 Common Objections In Network Marketing And How to Overcome Them

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Most salespeople invest hours perfecting their pitch without a second thought to what comes afterwards. But even a perfect pitch can be ruined by poor objection handling.

If you’re tired of losing deals to responses like, “Your price is too high,” “Now isn’t a good time,” or, “We’ll buy if you add these features,” it’s time to get serious about overcoming objections.

Instead of hoping your prospects won’t have objections (they always will), spend some time preparing for them in advance.

Use our list below to start overcoming sales objections and closing more deals.

  1. I do not have money to pay for registration at the moment…I understand… Would not it would be great if you would never have to worry about not having $220 (or whatever the registration price is).“

    Well, in fact most of them are not being honest and this is the fact. Some people are so much limited in their minds and understanding that the fear of trying something new is so huge so they would lye, argue, object in order not to try new things. But we all know that what you are offering is a good way for everyone to earn money. There are only 2 risks of failing in your business: 1. by refusing it; 2. by doing nothing after registering. So the second thing I recommend saying to them is:“I can see that your reservations does not let you even to review my offer. However there are only 2 ways of failing in this business. First by refusing it and second, by refusing to learn from experienced people who successfully work for 18 years (what ever long in the experience of the most experienced person in your upline) in this business and are there to help you, whenever you need it.”

    In 90% of the cases this helps person you are talking to start listening to that what you have to offer. No one likes to fail, so they will at least review your opportunity!

    2. I am too busy, I do not have time. (Also they usually will tell you their life story and give plenty of examples on how busy they are and why they can’t find time to do your business.)“Great! The busiest people are usually greatest producers because they are in contact with most people and know what means to work!”

    From one side you are making a compliment to the person you are talking to from other, making his objection to be a benefit of joining the business. Also just stated that they will be a top producers and people like being better than others.

    3. I don’t know how to sell – I am not a salesperson.
    You do not need to be a sales person! The Company has all the tools to make a sale for you. All you have to do is tell people about product and connect them with us. We’ll do the rest!”

    This eliminates fear that they will have to do something, that they have no idea off.

    4. How much money are you making?Very good question! Obviously eery person is different and what they put into the business is what they get out of it. Every time someone joins my business I get $50 (or what ever you get for direct sign-ups). Then I am paid for all efforts of those people and those that invited by them and in fact everyone in my team. This means that I am still paid for the job I done during my very first month. Imagine how great this would be if you could be paid all your life for the job you done during your first month, you second and third month and so on… “

    On the first place you are putting focus back on them and how great they will do if they say yes to your offer. Secondly you explained them in a simple way how MLM system actually pays to the people who choose to work in it.

    5. I have done MLM before and it did not work. Or I know someone who done MLM before and it did not work.Why do you think it did not worked for you that time?”

    Listen carefully to their reasons and make sure you understand what they are saying.

    Well, you know it works well for me. My income proves that it works for every one in my team, as if they would not be earning I would not get that much. So, when you join I will make sure that you will earn a good amount of money, same as I done for everyone in my team. I will teach you everything they learned from me, that made them to start fast and develop their business to such a great level in a short time.”

    This way you show people you care about their past experience, not ignoring it. You also care about their opinion on why that did not worked for them last time, not just giving your own reasons. You are not arguing with them about their reasons, but showing them the way how to succeed this time, but not only saying this time it will be different, but providing them a good prove that it will be different this time, because it works for a lot of people.

    6. I need more time to think about it. Or I need to do more research to give you my final decision.“Great! That type of attitude I am looking in people who joining my business. I suggest take as much time as you need and find as much information as possible, because there are a lot of videos and posts on internet that gives you all the information you need. I spend a lot of time on training new people who joining my business and I really need to know that you are sure about owning this business and ready to start fast when you joining so the time would not be wasted.”

    This actually shows that you are not desperate to make them pay and that you taking seriously every new person who is joining your business. This makes people feel (and it gives them) a guaranty that they will succeed by telling yes to your offer.

    7. “I’m not a salesman.”

    “If I could show you how this business is education more than sales, would you like to learn a little bit more?”

    “Then you’re going to love this!”

    “We simply educate until the prospect is informed enough to make a decision for themselves.”

  2. “Is this an MLM scam?”“If I could show you how this profession is validated by the most respected businessmen in the world, would you like to know a little bit more?”
    “Sounds like you have a story. Tell me about it.”“No. Why do you ask that?”

    “Is this a pyramid scheme you ask? I’m so glad you said that because our business is perfect for people that aren’t into pyramid schemes!” ~ Brian Carruthers

  3. “What is it?”

    “Network Marketing: I am a rep for a wonderful _____ company, and I train others to do this too.“I work from home for an international company and I train others to do this too.”
  4. “I already have a good job.”

    “Do you have a fund for your kids’ college and a secure retirement? If I could show you a way to get that, while keeping your job for now, would you like to know a little more?”“OK. ~ Would you like to build a Plan B now in case one day you didn’t have a good job?”“Would you like to hear why professionals (like doctors, lawyers, etc..) do network marketing on the side for the leverage it gives them for years to come?”

    In this day and age where “Job Security” is so unpredictable we really need to be looking at a Multiple income revenue stream. If you take a look at all the successful business people around the world, they don’t have focus on just one demographic but many in all sorts of genres. If one business fails then there are others to keep you propped up and keeping you in the lifestyle that you deserve.


    Tell me what is your objection?


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