My Story

In a world that’s constantly changing, it is inevitable for our lives to take different paths, or for us to lay down different plans. But what happens, amid paradigm shift, in your pursuit for excellence, you are unable to find what you are truly passionate about. When you struggle to find a work/life balance. Most importantly, what happens when you experience self-doubt- the constant chatter of self-questioning.

Like you, I have struggled with finding my passion throughout my career. Having been brought up in Kenya, East Africa, I often enjoyed the warm cloudless days and star-filled skies as I soaked in the sound of roaring lions in the distance. As dreamy as my days were, on the other hand, my life’s journey was filled with uncertainties of the future.

I started my career in the Beauty Industry as a make-up artist. I was privileged to work on many “all-time” classics and aside from being part of film work, I also built and managed Safari Camps, which gave me the ability to become the single-preneur that I am today.

I then ventured out to do something completely different and went to build and operate my hotel in the world’s newest country, South Sudan. During that time, I set up a reconstruction company for post-conflict areas in the East African region.

In retrospect, all these taught me the life skills that I wouldn’t ordinarily have and being able to adapt, find rapid solutions in an ever-changing environment, test and try different options has helped shape my personal and professional life.

I, like many, have failed time and time again, but I have risen, and each time I have become better and better.

Why Work With Me

This experience- of being a single-preneur, with it has come many challenges. Often I have found myself in situations where many said that I wasn’t capable. That I shouldn’t try; that I should quit while it’s still early. The only problem was, I never stopped. I was motivated more than ever to prove to them, and above all else, to myself that I too am capable.

Having bounced from industry to industry to my newfound passion, albeit at all odds, my mission now is to show you that all is possible. Whatever you want to do is possible. Together, we will walk this journey with you to mold what you are looking for – to help you become elastic and adaptable. To help you create your success and find that which resonates with your soul.

I coach and support Midlife women, like yourself, in identifying your passions, your wants, and what you need to focus on to achieve the results you deserve. Join me as I share with you the successes that I have learned in this amazing and exciting journey of discovery, adventure, and change, that has given me a home, sense of belonging, and fulfillment.


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