3 easy quick steps ways to manage getting stressed out

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Feeling stressed out?

Today I discuss 3 easy quick steps ways to manage getting stressed out.

1) Live in the Moment – I know it sounds cliche but when you stop and just ask yourself if you are OK right this very moment, 99% of the time you will see that without other dynamics manipulating your mind, you are absolutely fine. We cannot control what happened 5 mins ago, we don’t know what we have 5 mins ahead of this moment. All we have is this moment so enjoy it!

2) Observe where you are at right now – check in with your monkey mind that is creating all the chaos and turmoil and work out what your priorities are. Remove the excess chatter and then everything miraculously falls into a better routine.

3) Set up time for yourself. Call them my mindful minutes where you sit and listen to a meditation, focus on your breathing, have gratitude for where you are right now and you will see, most things become manageable.

Give it a go

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