Feature of the Day: Live the Dream (A Success Story)

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We all have our own “Success Story” where we share how we get over our past and what are the things we did to overcome it.

Below are some of the most inspiring stories we have for the week.

“I’m Chuffed to Bitty Boos to FINALLY Be Able to Say That I’m Now Working Full-Time from Home!”

That’s pretty serious stuff when you’re chuffed to bitty boos!

Why? Because entire mission…the reason we exist and do what we do everyday… is to help people breakthrough, and be able to start living their dream.

Here’s what she said:

“FINALLY. This is really possible: I’m chuffed to bitty boos to FINALLY be able to say that I’m now working full-time from home and have JUST left my job of 12 years, to grow my home ‘gifting made super simple’ business, along side what I’m doing within MLSP…WOOHOO!

This really is possible and I really AM now truly LIVING THE DREAM!”

Wondering if “Live the Dream” Is Worth It?

If you’ve been going back and forth about getting to Live the Dream 8 this year, and you’re struggling to make it happen, you’ll want to make sure to read a post from inside the Private MLSP community this week.

But here’s the skinny…

Last Year: “I went to this event without paying for my Airline ticket (she borrowed the money), traveled from the other side of the globe, slept in the crummiest Airbnb, and WALKED 45 minutes to the event every morning because I could not afford the taxi ride.”

This Year: Paid her own ticket upfront, and will now stay in the same hotel as all the leaders and amazing friends she met last year.

You’ll want to read every bit of the story!


Just like me, I hope your inspired! These stories are some the best example of change and determination to succeed.

If you want a big change in your life, if you want to live the dream you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, or simply, if you want to succeed – send me a message and I will help you through the process!

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