FRONT ROW ACADEMY: “The Story About How We Met”

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My blog for today will feature the 3 amazing ladies behind the spectaculous “FRONT ROW ACADEMY” and, the story of how they met. This story is a true story about the power and possibilities of online marketing. From all corners of the world, they came together and created what they call today their own social media business school. And of course, so much more than just that!

Roxy, Suzy & Mouni - FRA profile pic

All of the 3 ladies were working with network marketing – or rather trying hard to get their network marketing home business off the ground. At that time non of them had ever heard or known each other, but life works in mysterious ways and more or less at the same time they stumbled into the concept of attraction marketing and the platform they are using now.

They were all struggling and when they found their attraction community online, each of them in a different way, knew that’s their chance! That was their way forward and their path to build prosperous business they dreamed of.

All of them were then trying to figure out this online marketing stuff all on their own and, all though they had top leaders inside their education community to look at and get inspiration from, they struggled to find their specific way of using social media to build their brand. The thing is that they were on their own, with no one to really guide them through the online jungle and they did all the typical beginner mistakes shooting around aimlessly trying to hit something.

They personally met each other at the annual event inside their common education system, which was held in Austin, Texas. Needless to say that their vibes and energy were on the same level and their connection was instant.

Suzy, was the one reached out to Mouni and Roxanne months later suggesting that they do a collaboration on a specific project – an 8 week long training boot camp for their own members inside the education platform.

After speaking with hundreds of home business entrepreneurs, they eventually found there was a need and huge demand for their kind of training and guidance. And, just like that their boot camp turned into an online ongoing course.

Their greater purpose is to guide, inspire, uplift, empower and help struggling entrepreneurs, especially women, find their own uniqueness and voice prospering in their own beloved business, thus freeing themselves from all that holds them down.


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