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Don’t you love a good Facebook Live – It gives us ideas, motivation and inspiration. Facebook Live’s are popular among lifestyle entrepreneurs for many reasons, and if you have been waiting to jump on board, there’s never been a better time to do so!

The potential of Facebook Live is easy to recognize. If you’d like to try Facebook Live, all you need is a Facebook account and a smartphone to get started. There are a few best practices to keep in mind: Do a test run to make sure you’ve set up the equipment correctly; check your internet connection. Jumpy connections are frustrating for your viewers; try to end a little before the video’s limit of 30 minutes so you don’t get cut-off in mid sentence.

For those who have successfully tested the waters and conducted a few FB Live tests, it’s time to grow your FB Live Audience. The secret to growing your FB Live Audience is to grow your overall Facebook following. To do this, keep in mind the social aspects of social media. It’s about engagement, communications, consistency of message, and sharing more than you ask (as in, share 90 percent of the time and sell 10 percent of the time — or less).

Here are 10 reasons you might want to give it a go too!

It’s free

Not so long ago, when you wanted to do a live-stream you had to buy some expensive webinar software.

Webinars are not dead, but they can be overwhelming when you are starting out online.

Just to learn the software with all their options can be very daunting for the less geeky ones.

You just postpone and wait until something magical happen… and that magic might just be Facebook Live!

It’s completely free to use and you need the most basic stuff and tech knowledge to make it work: a phone or webcam, and a button to start.

It’s easy to use on the go

Since they can be done from your phone, you can do them on the go wherever you are by simply holding your phone up and talking to your audience. Gone are the days when we need video cameras, proper lighting and great sound. There has never been a more simplistic time to get your brand out there.

Sure, you can use a tripod, professional lighting, a backdrop and all but there is absolutely no need to.

This is the perfect video solution for the location free lifestyle entrepreneur!

It increases engagement

The real magic in using Facebook Live is the level of engagement you can get out of it.

No article, no image, no pre-recorded video can give you the same level of engagement from your audience.

The number of likes and comments are just incomparable!

Why? Because it is a conversation with your audience.

If you do things right and use some simple techniques you can get people to participate actively each time you do a live-stream. And that can convert in direct revenue increase for your business.

You need very little people to participate to get results

One of the thing lifestyle entrepreneurs find hard when they start out on Facebook is that they have no following and they want things to go fast.

Yes, you can spend money on advertising on Facebook and it will work just fine. But try adding Facebook Live and THEN boost your post and you will see your audience grow much faster.

But here is the truth: you don’t NEED ton of people to follow you to make money from Facebook.

You need ENGAGED people who are truly your ideal clients. You don’t need FANS, you need ideal clients who trust and love you. Those are the ones who will buy from you every time you make them an offer.

And Facebook Live offers you exactly that: the possibility to engage with people right away, even if they are only a handful.

It increases engagement on your other posts as well

Facebook uses a complex algorithm to decide which of your posts will be seen on your potential client’s newsfeed.

One of the main element they are looking at is engagement. The more you have engagement on your posts, the more your posts will be featured in your audience newsfeed.

When you do Facebook Live, engagement is extremely high because people participate live by commenting and liking. This increases your overhaul engagement on your page, which in turns has an impact on your other posts!

You can re-purpose them all over the place

If you are a lazy lifestyle entrepreneur or a very busy person that just cannot fit everything into your frantic day then this is a great way to help people simplify their business to the maximum. Repurposing content has become a fine art and can be immensely beneficial as some people may not have seen your content before so perhaps this time they get to see it. Facebook Live has become a dream come true for a lot of people who run home businesses.  We can find an idea or a subject we wish to talk about, start the recording, and once it’s done, we can repurpose the content over 12 different ways. From ONE simple piece of content. If you like freeing time in your schedule, try it out!

They are easy to sell from

When someone goes to Amazon, they have their credit card in hand. They are there to BUY right away. When someone is on Facebook, they are there to socialize first. Facebook Live allows you to socialize with your audience and then you can transition to the sale very simply by offering them more of you.

People need to buy YOU before they buy your stuff. They need to like and trust you before they pull out their credit card to buy your next course or your coaching program. Facebook Live allows you to build this relationship with your audience simply by sharing YOU.

One way to do it is to take time to answer your fans questions live. This shows them that you care AND that you know your stuff!

Let’s people get to know the real you

If you have ever done a pre-recorded video, you know how thing goes: you do it once, you do it twice, you might even write the script before you press record and tried to read it out loud. Some of us are good at it, some are not. We are not as natural in a pre-recorded video because we are too much in our head.

If you find yourself being way too self-conscious when you try to record videos, I strongly encourage you to try Facebook Live.

When you press start, there is no turning back, it’s live!

Your fears go away and you just let the message come out naturally. It will NOT be perfect, and that is the best thing about it!

People will get to fall in love with the real you, not a fake version of the wannabe-perfect you.

Let’s you get feedback from your audience

Because Facebook Live can easily be conversations with your audience, you can get instant feedback and test ideas before you launch them.

This is worth pure gold in a lifestyle business, especially if you don’t like to work on big projects that fall flat.

Using Facebook Live you can share some of the things you are working on, and ask your potential clients if it is something they would be interested in. This allows you to make sure you are on track AND it creates great buzz around your future offerings as well!

Allows you to position yourself as a leader/influencer

Now that you can also do Facebook Live with other people, you can use them to position yourself as a leader or influencer in your market by doing interviews with key people.

This might not happen right away if you have not built your audience first but once you have, it is very easy to reach out to others and ask them if they’d like to be interviewed on your Facebook Page.

This can be used for the sole purpose of growing your audience faster, or to boost affiliate promotion as well.

Are you using Facebook Live already? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about your experiences!


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