Identify your Niche Needs? How the Social Mongoose can show us how!

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How the Social Mongoose and your Niche have ample in common.

Growing a fan base on Facebook ain’t easy. It is exactly like, not getting noticed, trying to stay alert and looking out for any perilous predators around when you are a tiny little mongoose.

It is comical to see a Mongoose colony scurrying across the parched dust bowl foraging for whatever they can find while the designated sentries stand tall looking out for potential danger.

A mongoose colony are very social animals and we can learn so much from their behaviour. They live in large underground networks with multiple entrances which they leave only during the day. They are very communal, living in colonies and have a great tactic that some mongoose will stand sentry (lookout) while other members are foraging or playing in order to warn them of approaching dangers. When a predator is spotted, the mongoose performing as sentry will give a warning bark and this is what we do in our businesses.

Looking for People to Join your Niche_.png

Think about this for a second…

When we have our teams, we need to keep them engaged, interested, active and safe!  When we don’t we lose them to someone who is waiting in the wings.

Nowadays, if you want to grow a high-quality, engaged fan base, you need to plan well and execute well.

How do you do this? What are the steps for making it happen?

Basically, online success is essentially defined by your niche market.  Knowing what separates you, your brand, and your product from your competition is the kick starter to your growing business.

Just like the Mongoose clans all over the Vast open vulnerable plains of Africa – they know the dangers and the successes that keeps their colonies growing.

Whether you’re trying to grow your online business or you’re still rooting around for an idea that’s perfect, defining that niche market is essential for growing a customer base.

Specialization is at the heart of kick-starting a sustainable, successful, and scalable business. Whether you’re trying to get your online store off the ground or you’re still looking for the perfect idea, carving out a unique niche for your business is the key to growing your customer base.

Specializing doesn’t just mean understanding your strengths either. It means understanding who your customers are and how your business can better serve them. You need to be able to connect with your audience on a personal level, so that you can focus on turning them into a team of dedicated followers who will push your business forward.

Once you’ve discovered your niche and won over your core audience, you’ll be able to redirect your efforts towards reaching wider audiences and growing your business.

Let me show you some tips I’ve used myself.

Identify with Your Best Customers

You can’t please everyone. The truth is, your best efforts at reaching a target audience should be spent on people with similar interests and tastes as your best customers. This is especially true when you look close and start to notice a few things these people all have in common. The good thing about creating a brand identity is that your image will appeal to your customers and could even secure some referrals from friends with similar style and desires.

Narrow Down Your Audience to One Person

This may seem counter-intuitive when it comes to targeting an “audience”, but it’s essential. This person is your “buyer persona”, or they represent the thoughts and opinions of your best customer. Instead of shouting out over the crowds of people with dissimilar personalities or interests, appeal to one of the loyal customers you already have. Make your brand about them, since anyone who would agree with them is more likely to be interested in listening to what you have to offer.

What Separates You From Competitors?

If you’re in business, chances are you already know what’s unique about it. What makes your offering original or unique? Separate yourself from competitors by developing a brand identity that reminds them of how choosing your company is a much better than going with the competition.

The Internet Supports Niche Culture

If your goal is reaching a target audience online, get familiar with your niche. The internet loves niches as much as high school loves cliques. It’s just naturally for everyone who agrees to congregate on their favorite website in their favorite niche. Use this to your advantage. As a business, you have plenty of options to narrow down your target audience when creating ads online. You can choose to target a demographic audience by age, gender, location, or even social media platform. In addition, any and all content you produce can be tailored to speak to the needs or interests of your niche audience.

Buyer’s Have Problems, You Have the Solution

What problems do your products or services solve? The last aspect of an effective brand identity focuses on the problem. The most effective way to make a connection with your customer is to solve his or her problem. Adapt your brand identity so that your company clearly provides a solution to your customer’s problem, and watch as your offerings begin to sell themselves.


Secrets to Success!

Uncovering and creating a strategy for an undiscovered niche market is a recipe for success.  Developing a vision for your ideal customer that everyone wants to be a part of motivates your audience to take ownership of that identity.


Good niche marketing gets people excited and makes them feel like they’re participating in something greater than themselves.  Success isn’t just reaching your ideal customers, but transforming an audience that didn’t know that they were your ideal customers.

Giving your audience, and potential audience, “permission” to like your product or business as opposed to your competition, gives them a sense of purpose.  Showcasing a contrast between your niche audience and another group emphasis the uniqueness that makes them special.

It’s more than a product…it’s your story

It’s been studied and proven that a business with a story, or compelling narrative, is the best way to expose why your product or business is better than the rest.  Niche communities enjoy an emotional experience that make them feel engaged in the lifestyle the product portrays.

It is OK to Be Different

Casting a wide net can drain your resources quickly.  Acknowledge that being different than the pack is a good thing, even if that means that what you offer isn’t a good fit for everyone.  Recognize what you’re good at and put all of your effort into it.

Just like the Mongoose colonies, keeping things in your niche, identifying them and making sure that they are taken care of is the reason why these little creatures are such a successful component in the  Magical African wildlife world.







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