Inviting Prospects: Tips & Tricks

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New leads, prospects and clients are the lifeline of our industry and like any network marketing professional, you WILL need to learn some skills to achieve success in your small business.

The more you educate yourself about network marketing, the more likely you will have massive success in achieving the residual income you desire for your family and your future.

Unlike most high paying professions like a doctor or lawyer, you will NOT need a large amount of money for your education, yet the network marketing professional can create a greater income for themselves than virtually any other profession.

Below are a few marketing tips to get the most out of your network marketing small business. Make sure you apply ALL of the following advice to maximize your results.

 Tip # 1: Invite using Mobile Phone

It’s always better to use a mobile phone for inviting your prospects, rather trying to invite them face to face. If try to invite them face to face, prospect always tries to take as much information from you, and you will not be able to provide many details then & there.

When you invite prospects on the phone & then they ask question / queries, you can simply ask them to meet you & discuss the things more professionally over a table.

Tip # 2: Don’t talk unnecessary stuff while inviting the prospect

I would ask you to check the meaning of the word “Invitation” in the dictionary. It only says “inviting someone”. I see many people giving unnecessary information to the prospects while they invite. Telling the company name, products, a business plan is totally not recommended while you are inviting your prospects. Keep it as simple as possible.

Tip # 3: Be Excited, Maintain CURIOSITY & Talk with Conviction

Very important! Walk & Talk while inviting This will help in keeping your blood circulating going in your body & your voice will not be dull. Don’t lie down while inviting. You need excitement in your voice while inviting.

When the person on the other side feels you have got something, he will be willing to meet, as simple as that. Maintaining the CURIOSITY is very important if you are able to do that the prospect will definitely turn up to see the business opportunity.

And obviously whatever you talk, talk with conviction. If you are convinced half the work is done. If the prospect feels you are not sure yourself about what you are talking, chances are he will not have any interest in meeting you & listen to what you had to offer.

Tip # 4: KISS, don’t KILL

“KISS: Keep It Short & Simple”

“KILL: Keep It Long & Lengthy”

You invitation call should be maximum 3 – 5 minutes. You can use FORM:

F – Family Chit Chat

O – Occupation

R – Recreation

M – Message

Start like this (in the following example I had used FORM, on telephonic conversation):

Hey (prospect name), how are you, buddy? How’s life going? (give a pause & let Sachin speak)

(Use of F) How’s uncle, aunty, his bro / sis ?

(Use of O) How’s your Job / Business going? You must be earning well by now & enjoying your life, am I right? (let him speak. Always appreciate prospects profession)

Most of the prospects will say they are not earning sufficient. You can relate it to yourself, saying “even same was the case with me”, “but now I had found a great opportunity”, “and it seems that financial crunch won’t remain anymore & I will be a free bird soon”

Now the prospect will surely ask you: What you have got? What is that? What are you doing?

(Use R & M) As you know I am in Job / Business, but was not fully satisfied with it, so I was looking for some extra income options & I came across this project… (give very brief introduction of your opportunity).

This is where you give a solution for example…..Hey “………”, how about having a look at the opportunity? would you be open to that?

Tip # 5: Always give Time Choice to the prospect

After having the above conversation it’s important for you to give 2 time choices to the prospect so that prospect can choose any of the given time.

Giving an only 1-time option to the prospect to meet you is not recommended because prospect might not be ready for that. But if you give 2-time choices, psychologically prospect will Accept 1 of the given time.

Tip # 6: Invite the prospect 24 – 48 hours before Business Presentation

You should give an invitation call to the prospect 24 – 48 hours only before the business presentation. If you invite him 5 – 7 days before business presentation, you will again call him a day before or same day of business presentation to confirm if he’s coming or not.

And the prospect might feel that you need him & you will lose your Posture (I have explained Posture in next para). In spite of calling him again & again give a call 24 – 48 hours prior to the presentation so that the prospect also remember & you need not call him again & again.

Tip # 7: Maintain Your Posture

This is something very important while inviting the prospect for network marketing business opportunity presentation. While you are inviting the prospect, make sure the prospect SHOULD NOT feel that you need him.

Always remember / keep in mind, You are GIVING an opportunity to the prospect to help him change his life. You should always keep your self-respect & never beg him to come to see the business presentation.

Tip # 8: Take Confirmation

On the scheduled day when you are supposed to meet the prospect, before leaving for the meeting venue you should call the prospect & confirm if s/he’s coming on time for the meeting. This is important so that if in the case due to any reason s/he’s not coming you can utilize your time.



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