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How did a medical student break the 4-minute mile?

There is a great youtube video where the legend himself (Roger Bannister) begins the video with this ” the 4-minute mile was going to be broken either by John Landy in Australia, Wes Santi in America or by me and I was determined that I would do it”

He ends the video with ” we all look for challenges, especially when we are young”.

So my query is why do we accept the challenges when we are younger but our ambitions seem to fade when we get older and my question to you today is why is that?

Is it because we get knocked down and are afraid of another failure, Is it because we have lost belief in ourselves or is it simply that we dont believe that we can be of any value to others.

We have no idea how we are helping people we don’t even know by telling our stories that others need to hear.

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