Prospecting in Network Marketing

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Prospecting in network marketing without a doubt is arguably the most important thing if you’re serious about going full time in your network marketing opportunity. It’s the strategy where it all begins and it’s the root of building your home based business.

If you talk with the top income earners in network marketing, they’ll all say that prospecting is the key to success. It’s just like prospecting diamonds: Diamonds are very valuable, so you don’t have to find very many of them to become wealthy. In network marketing, it’s the same–all you have to do is find a few real, live diamonds.

So how do you do that?

Successful prospectors and recruiters know that in order to successfully sell and recruit you have to provide a solution. In order to provide a solution you must first know their pain.

And if you think about it from there, how can you find their pain if you’re not actually communicating with them, getting on the phone and asking them some questions?

Realize That You Have A Competition

If you’re someone who’s building their home based business online you probably have a capture page or a website that gathers the information of your prospects. And if you’re doing a good job of sending people to your website or capture page you probably have people opt in to an offer.

But if you think that your capture page is the only one that they’ve opted in to, you really need to think again. If someone opted in your capture page or opted in to your offer, don’t you think that they opted in to other people’s offer as well?

Imagine for a second that that lead opted in your capture page, and you just let that lead sit there for one day or so, you didn’t touch it, you didn’t do anything with it, and that same prospect, the very next day opted into my offer, my capture page and I actually called that person and I struck up a conversation with them, I struck up a relationship with them, who do you think that person would most likely join or buy from, you or me?

Well obviously they will most likely join me because I’m the one that actually took the time to speak with them, to get to know them, to build a relationship, to try to find a solution.

Whereas compared to you that lead is just like collecting dust in an auto-responder somewhere and there’s no relationship being started.

It’s A Relationship Business Model

And that leaves me to a very important point: bottom-line, people join people.

No matter how much on the internet you’re using in regards to your business, no matter what marketing method you choose, this is a relationship business and people want to know, like and trust the person that they go either buy from or partner with.

So every time you call a lead begin to establish a relationship with them first. Begin to establish that know, like and trust factor that is absolutely crucial towards building long-lasting partnerships and relationships.

Some of these relationships can probably turn out to be long-lasting; some will materialize very quickly, sometimes it might take longer for these relationships to become monetize but that’s okay. Just continue to actively build and create new relationships each and every day when you calling your leads, talk to them and have conversations with them.

And in the absence of doing that you’ll have fewer relationships which mean you’ll have very few people to actually recruit in your business.


It’s a relationship business at the end of the day. When you pick up the phone you stand just light years above and beyond everyone else who got fear, just won’t pick up phone. This helps you separate from the masses out there who are doing the same thing that you are doing.

Imagine having people when you called them and introduce yourself, just before you go deep into the conversation you can hear your prospect start saying something like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe you called. You’re the first person that actually called me. I’ve opted in to a countless things and you’re the first person that actually called me. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

And just that alone, you could talk anything from that moment forward for the rest of the conversation but simply because you’ve actually reached out, picked up the phone, called them, connected with them you’re already way ahead of anyone else and any of your other competitors because you’re the one who’s actually calling and making that effort.

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