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Transformational Safaris

Suzy’s transformational Safaris offer an exciting opportunity to change your life and nourish your soul. We take you on bespoke safaris that combine the majesty of African wildlife, exotic camp settings, and unique cultures with a transformational approach to Life coaching. Our goal is to connect our clients with the ancient lessons that only this land can teach, through holistic dishes and mindful wellness practices.

Our safaris are tailored to meet each individual’s needs and provide the ultimate immersive experience. Journey through fascinating places designed to incite curiosity and awaken wonder in both body and mind. Whether you’re looking for personal growth or simply searching for adventure, I guide you to learn more about yourself and the world around you while providing insight on how to improve your relationships with yourself and others to give you the most magnificent journey of your life!

Morning coffee on the tent verandah watching the world awake to a bright new day. Primates climb down from their safety nets high in the trees and begin so scourge the earth for breakfast.

Morning game drive are exciting as we often see the nocturnal animals going back to their dens to sleep out the day, exhausted from the nights activities. Magical moments are everywhere.

In between we mastermind on how to move forward in life giving you the ideas, inspiration, strategies and tools to have an extraordinary life.

Visits to cultural homesteads and supported community projects focusing on impacting and enhancing women’s lives are a key concept of these journeys. We donate 20% of all safaris to the projects that we support.

As the day closes out with a magnificent setting sun we reflect on the blissful teachings of the day.

It’s time for you to find excitement in the unexpected and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The world awaits – let’s see what transformation it has in store!


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