Visualization to Success

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When you think of a big goal or dream that you want to achieve, it’s natural to think of all of the obstacles that will come your way. The problem is far too often we allow these obstacles to become so big in our minds that it inhibits us from moving forward. This is when many become satisfied with mediocrity.

Don’t let this be you. Rather than creating larger-than-life barriers in your mind and dwelling on everything that will hold you back, envision yourself victorious. Picture yourself as the greatest at your craft. Visualize your next shot as your winning shot.

Visualizing is a powerful tool because it creates for us a reality that is as real as it can be before becoming manifested in physical form. The mind is an extremely powerful machine; it is what creates our understanding of the world outside of us. We receive input from our senses, which in turn affect our psyche by stimulating reactions of different emotions and triggering memories, always drawing links from our past.

The world that we know truly only exists in our minds. The physical world only exists to us as far as we can experience it. This is why visualization is so important. By visualizing, we experience events without them occurring anywhere other than in our minds. If we are able to focus on one single event that we wish for ourselves and we focus on it intensely, we begin to experience the emotions and begin to feel what we would feel if the event were to actually transpire. In a way, we are living that moment without it yet being a reality.

Here are 3 simple steps to incorporate visualization into your daily routine and see what happens!

1. Decide exactly what you want.

Your goal must be very clear and specific. Let’s say that you want to increase profits by 30%. Don’t get caught up in the “how and why,” those will come to you. Simply get very clear on your goal and make it believable, yet just out of reach. As you become an expert at visualization you will naturally set your sights higher.

2. Choose an image.

Choose at least one image to hold in your mind’s eye as you go through your daily visualization process. How will it feel to increase profits by 30%? How will you know that you have succeeded? Capture a visual of your celebration or of taking that vacation that you’ve put off for five years.

3. Visualize daily.

After you become skilled at visualization you will be able to do it anywhere, but in the beginning a quiet space is a must. Make yourself comfortable and focus on your breathing. Relax. Now see that image of success and allow your mind to wander with the image. See yourself on that vacation. Imagine taking those checks to the bank. Step into the feeling and power of this image; make it very real. It’s important to hold this heightened feeling for at least 20 seconds, but 10-15 minutes is ideal.

Be consistent and don’t give up. And then come tell us about how you made your dream became reality!


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