What is a belief?

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What is a belief? It is something that is instilled in you because you say it over and over again.

Tony Robbins always talks about everything that we do comes down to this:

80% psychology
20% mechanics

This means that everything that we create in our lives is because of our belief in what we are doing. You created your beliefs-environment may have impacted those beliefs. Beliefs are not set in stone – it is individual.

The more repetitive that we are in what we say and how we act will become our beliefs. We can start by saying things like these:

I can figure out anything
Opportunity is everywhere!
I am unstoppable
I am abundance
Money flows to me every single second of every single day.
I am a millionaire
There are no failures only lessons and gifts!
Thank you that I am strong enough to do this! .
I am ready to face my fear.
The answer to fulfillment is growth!
I am building a billion dollar empire.

Try it out!

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