What is Chunking?

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So we began the month of July by respecting and honouring our Freedom,
Then we went to growth, acknowledging if we are not growing we are dying,
We then moved on to the vision, and agreed that Vision is nothing without Action,
This week we go for ACTION because without it we stay in the same old stuck situation.

Do you have an idea or a few of them?

Step 1: Write them down.
Step 2: Then do a couple of lists of the pros and cons of each
Step 3: Then add a monetary value to it
Step 4: Start making a plan

Action steps No 2: Chunk it

Now that you have the passion project that you are going to take action on, if you did your steps from Monday then you should have a vision and a goal.

Now we need to chunk it. What is Chunking?

Chunking refers to the process of taking individual pieces of information and grouping them into larger units.

Step 1 of Chunking:

When planning a project we need to capture all the elements that are going to make your project a success. Write a list of everything that you think you need to get this off the ground. Then put them into bigger groups.

Step 2 of Chunking:

Now that you have the larger groups you can ascertain what the most important group is and where to begin. Place the priorities in the right order.

Step 3 of Chunking:

Now your Map is taking shape, this is the time to put a timeframe onto it. Select targets for each individual chunk.

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