Pillar Content: Importance & Benefits

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Some of you may have heard about pillar content. Some of you even do know what is pillar content, but I bet many of you have not taken it seriously. You would not know some of the killer benefits of pillar content includes, getting long-term traffic and earning some great back-links.

What is Pillar Content?

Pillar content is substantial and instructive content on a specific topic that can be broken down into many different pieces.

It’s a way to re-organize your content to perform better with new Search Engine algorithms and user behavior.

You take your related content, and establish links with a central ‘pillar’ page. Think of your pillar pages like the support beams for your house. They’re what your website is built around.

Blog posts are great examples of ideal pillar content, but info-graphics, videos or other informative pages are also useful types that support the topic’s main pillar pages by linking back to those 10X pages.

This foundational content provides important knowledge for anyone in your niche and if done right, can be valuable to your target audience for the foreseeable future, never losing relevance and always achieving a high ranking.

So what steps do you take to develop pillar content?

What makes good pillar content? How can you deliver content that will keep your customers coming back again and again?

Follow these steps:

– Identify your audience with Personas
– Know their needs
– Create content to address those needs

Who are your customers? Look at what you know about them, and create your pillar content around their needs and wants. What problems do they need solved? How can you solve them?

Your pillar content is what most of your users are going to see most of the time. You’ll be sharing it regularly on social media channels, and linking to it as often as you can. Think of it as the central hub of your topic cluster. It’s also your best content.

The pillar page is a main conversion point. Your pillar pages are where you’re going to go ‘all out’. You want people to bookmark your pillar pages, to visit over and over again.

Here’s a list of some of the best benefits you can expect from pillar content:

1. Increases page visit duration, as pillar posts are long and insightful.
2. Decrease bounce rate in case of round-up posts, and in long in-detail posts are there are chances of having a huge amount of internal links.
3. Gets a huge amount of back-links.
4. Gets a huge amount of shares.
5. Pillar content gets decent traffic throughout the lifetime of your blog.
6. You will receive high Google rankings because of the high word count, shares, and back-links.
7. Google rankings increase as pillar posts are updated frequently with better content; Google loves fresh, updated content.

And much more…


Pillar content is Timeless. They can drive you massive traffic and links in the long run.

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