From Crisis to Celebration

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We identify your passions and provide solutions to achieve and reinvent your lives to secure your future so you can live your best life.

The Vision

“The pain pushes you, till the vision pulls you”

– Michael Beckwith

It’s no exaggeration to say that we sometimes keep the job to pay for the lifestyle or comply with others’ desires for us, convincing ourselves that tomorrow we’ll take charge, and things will change. But things never change. We remain stuck in the same old patterns.

But, what if our lives would be different by committing and taking action in our lives and believing that our vision will lead us to our passion. That we would have the life we deserve- one with absolute joy and fulfillment.

If you are in doubt of your life’s purpose, then it’s not too late to redefine and reshape your golden years.

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Why Choose Me

Suzy is a woman who has spent her life exploring her continent and learning about different cultures. After years of working in the corporate world, she realised that her true passion was helping women recharge their lives. She does this through 1:1 coaching, courses, and designing transformational safaris. Her unique approach blends self development with travel, giving women the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Work With Me

Life Coaching

You’re feeling lost and uncertain about your future. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. As a Life Coach for women over 40 Suzy has helped hundreds of women find their passion and purpose in life. She’ll help you figure out what you want and how to get there.

My Courses

Feeling helpless in the face of an ever-changing world? The world is always changing but it is hard to keep up and know where to start. Suzy Belcher’s Courses for midlife women will help you discover and find your place. It gives you the perspective you need to understand Suzy’s work and get help at the same time.

Transformational Safaris

Life often moves overwhelmingly fast. It feels like we’re running on a treadmill that won’t stop. Most people never get a chance to really slow down and experience life. My transformational safaris are the answer. Our transformational safaris will give you the chance to breathe in the most unique experiences in your life.

What Matters to You

“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore
before you decide to be happy.”

– Jane Marczewski

It is possible to turn even a crisis in life into an opportunity for self-development and growth.

In times of upheavel, learning to live your best life again can be difficult but it is achievable – enter self-reflection and self-discovery accompanied with new experiences and a coach to help you along the way either through personal coaching or by taking a course.

By exploring different pieces of the world as well as yourself, you can start transforming your life in such a way so that whatever was lost can be turned into something gained -new confidence, improved self-love and self-respect. With dedication and focus, it is possible to start living life again in a way where milestones become an everyday celebration.

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