3 Ways to Breakthrough!

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After yesterdays extremely challenging events I wanted some inspiration so I started my workout listening to a podcast by the ever inspirational man himself – Tony Robbins. He was talking about creating breakthroughs and 3 ways to do that. It did wonders for me and something resonated as it usually does in his teachings.


Did you ever wonder what makes people leader and others followers?

Is it that some people are just lucky – or did they have a great upbringing – or were they in the right place at the right time? Were the leaders the ones that were brought up in a stable home environment and were given everything they so desired?  Where did most of these people end up? Rehab, stress breakdowns, institutions!

Are most of the finest leaders in our industry today the ones whom started off less lucky? – the ones who came from broken homes with low income parents, the ones who learned very early on about Survival? Did their desire to change their lives determine their drive? Were they HUNGRY enough?

What you have been through. determines who you are, but, do you let that determine what you are to become? Do you let your story rule your life? Let us not make our Story determine the outcome!


The story that protects you also imprisons you! For me this is the truth. Until now, my story that I thought was so perfect has kept me from evolving into the person that I know is deep down within my soul.

The reasons behind most excuses are the resources. “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the knowledge” or “I am not technical” or “I am not a sales person”.  Lacking the resources is not the problem.

The problem is that lack of RESOURCEFULNESS.

We may not have the resources but we can be resourceful. In all of these problems highlighted we can find the creativity to be resourceful – Would you find the time if you were going on a hot date? Would you be able to Google or You tube the knowledge? Would you be able to turn a computer on? Would you be able to convince someone to help you change a tyre if your car had a puncture?

Truth is – If we have the hunger to be resourceful – we will win!

So the 3 breakthrough steps that Tony Robbins recommends are, in reverse order:

  1. Strategy – Come up with a strategy – (described in the dictionary as: a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.)This strategy is essential to perfect your skills and hone your craft but it is useless unless you have the other 2 steps to a massive breakthrough.
  1. Story – The story that you tell yourself is essential to the success of your strategy. Negative stories for example you are talking about weight loss and your story is that you are ‘big boned’ or that you ‘have tried everything’ will kill your drive and determination. Your Story is EVERYTHING – give up the story that Limits you!
  2. State – The most important key to all of this is your state. You need to be in the right state. Your state determines how you feel. For example when you are so totally in love and can think of nothing else, you will do ANYTHING for them. A few years down the line your state has shifted and so has your relationship.

Remember this:  ‘If you do what you did in the beginning of a relationship, at the end of the relationship there won’t be an end!’

If you want to change your story, then change your state!
Decisions NOT conditions determine my destiny!


So what you focus on totally affects your life! Focus = feeling and direction. If you don’t take control of your focus, the world will tell you what to do! Focus on what you have , what you can control and the future NOT what you don’t have, what you can’t control and the past.

To Change your life, Change your focus!

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