Starting Afresh – 2017

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Starting  the year afresh

The best thing in the world is starting afresh – The beginning of a new business or a brand new year or even a brand new day. We have so much opportunity to start again.

Reflecting on last year and seeing, recognising and acknowledging my successes and also my failures I am truly amazed. I lost 2 businesses and started afresh with a new one, pushed myself to the limit with travel and got to go to France, Mauritius, UK and the USA. I met the most incredible people whom have become great friends with people from all over the world. To cap it all I attended my Charity’s official Launch at Buckingham Palace whereby I was able to invite a number of people whom I work with, in the charitable sector of my life. I am so grateful that I have been able to achieve so much with starting over and with so little! I really am so humbled and grateful to everyone whom has touched my life this past year and I am so honoured that I get to do it all over again in 2017!

Sitting in the middle of the African bush wondering what and how to write a blog, I look around and see that there are so many similarities between survivals in Nature as it is in our existence. From the elusive leopard and its instinct to disappear into the wilds and not to expose itself to its prey to network marketers needing that very exposure to survive, and to the cunning young Jackal pup who is curious and courageous enough to come right up to strangers in the hopes of a slither of leftover dinner from the barbeque before, giving it the strategy to stay ahead of the competition!


As I ponder this, a very dramatic caterpillar armoured with thorn like deterrents down his body appears on my lounger awaiting its next change in life that will enable it to morph into an aeronautical wonder able to fly away to a better life.

Are these the sort of things we yearn for? Do we only need to look at Nature to give us the clues to becoming better within ourselves?

I am so fortunate to be able to witness this and to bring my observations of man Vs nature to teach us what is right in front of us – all we need to do is open our minds and our eyes by consistently learning and passing the knowledge onto others whom may be able to better their lives because of it.

This year my intention is to learn and practice this in all areas of my life. The strategies of Survival, Curiosity, Courage, change, emerging into someone who has been invisible morphing to someone who stands out in front of the Crowd.

Happy New Year 2017


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