3 ways to face up to courage.

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Acknowledge your fear.
This is probably the hardest thing to do as we are admitting that we are vulnerable. Once we accept and acknowledge it, things become so much easier. I know it is easier to sweep your fear under the rug but that is where it will stay. It will linger and build till you have a total meltdown which is so hard to manage. Being Vulnerable is so courageous.

Embrace failure.
We are taught that failure is unacceptable? Babies when they are learning how to walk or even talk, never ever get it right and we think it so cute. They fall down but get back up over and over again. It is only when we are sent off to school that we now have to listen to the rules and we are told what is right and what is wrong, but no one ever tells us that failure is a gift. We learn by failing, We gain courage by failing and then succeeding. Failing is courage to try again.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Getting and feeling uncomfortable is the only real way we can grow. Think about it. If we don’t try new things, how will we ever know what our minds and our bodies are capable of? So what if you fail at it to begin with. No one is going to remember that. What they will remember is how courageous you were.

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