Work life balance

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1) Start small and build from there. See what you can change in your daily structure and prioritize what is taking up too much of your time and causing you unnecessary stress. If you have to do it then perhaps outsource it.

2) Structure your day to include a proper lunch break and regular smaller breaks in between. We all believe that we have to work our mandated hours all in one go but If you do that you burn out quicker, become resentful and often never accomplish what you set out to do in the 1st place. Try taking breaks, go for a walk, meditate, spend some quiet time on your own – it makes the world of difference.

3) Let go of perfectionism. Let’s admit it – we never feel that our work is good enough. After all we are overachievers. Perfectionism becomes a habit and if left unchecked, it can be very destructive. It takes up such unnecessary energy to keep up being perfect that, often you’ll just end up burnt out.

4) Pay attention to your emotions. If you check in regularly with yourself and determine if you are feeling energized, happy and satisfied or if what you are feeling is unmotivated, angry or even resentful then this is a key indicator that you need to change things up a bit. Start evaluating why you are having these feeling.

5) Get a Mentor. All successful people regardless of who they are, have mentors. The reason for this is Mentors or coaches check in to help you set goals, support your growth and give constructive feedback. We all need this and it’s a great way to ascertain the rights and wrongs that you are experiencing in your life.

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