You have to be bad before you can be good!

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Listen Up!

No one ever just wakes up and is good at something.

Do you remember when you started driving and you would get really confused and frustrated because you could co-ordinate all the variables that you have to to get the car to run and get you where you want to go.

That is such a great metaphor for life in fact.

As babies we crawl, get up and fall down constantly. As youngsters we start school and fail constantly, As teenagers we get all soppy and silly over new emotions feeling totally awkward and completely discombobulated.

When we hit the professional space, yet again we begin our new jobs with such enthusiasm only to mess up and make dire mistakes that we think will ruin our whole lives.

But then, being bad becomes the new norm and failing starts to be ok.

There is a lady who became the worlds youngest female billionaire who talks about how her Dad used to chat with her after school every day and ask her what she failed at on that day. It became “just a thing” and the word failure became nothing scary in fact it became a challenge to embrace failure.

We are taught from the very beginning that when something doesn’t go right or when we are not good at something then we may as well just give up because we will never be good.

What utter nonsense!

When we decide that we want something, we will work ultra hard to get it. If it is a sport and being on the top of our game, we will go out and practice till we become the best. If it is in business we will learn and try and learn some more and try again til we get to where we want to be. To learn a language we are terrible and the pronunciation but with practice and perseverance we become better and better.

To be good at anything all we need to do is keep going. One day, depending on how much you want to be good, you’ll get to where you want to be.

I can help you live again and be good at it.

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